Saturday, April 30, 2016

Great Deal For Doll Spa Party Themed Take Home Gifts From Roxys Knit Knacks Etsy Shop!

As my birthday week features draw to a close I wanted to share a fun birthday party favor package on Etsy from Roxys Knit Knack's Etsy shop.  Why this listing caught my eye is that you get 10 in a package for $45! That is a great deal and a truly fun take home gift!
While the spa towels are what you get in the  order I love this idea to pair a small sponge or bar of soap with  your take home party gifts! You can even choose the color! Click here for shop and listing.
I also love that for $23 you can order a set of the doll size and girl size wraps! Click here for shop listing.

Thank you all for joining me this birthday week and thank you all for the warm wishes.
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