Monday, April 18, 2016

Bitty Baby and Twin Visit At The Miami Store - Madelon's Trip Visit #6

Spend a few hours ( I mean minutes) in the bitty baby section of the American Girl store and you will see why this line is so important!
Bitty babies are truly a sweet part of the American girl line.
Fun and colorful outfits that match little ones are just one part I adore in this line!

The faces of the bitty babies are as sweet as can be, I love this outfit too!
Sun hats and sand toys such an adorable little set!
The bitty baby dolly bath set is so much fun!
This photo makes me want to run into the store and purchase the entire line and a new bitty baby for myself!
The bitty twin line is one I wish would go on forever. These chubby toddler dolls bring such a smile to my face. I loved it when my nieces got them and I even have a pair for myself. I think the line is wonderful and I will be sad to see it go.
I love the blue outfits!

The stroller is such a great piece, I wished I had had something like this growing up.
Snap up bitty twin and bitty baby deals while you can! I wish I could add a set of each twin and each bitty baby to our own doll play collections.
Thank you Madelon for taking so many wonderful photos while in store.
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