Sunday, April 17, 2016

Madelon's Trip To The Miami Store Part 5

The Miami store is huge and today we continue to share with you photos from Madelon's amazing trip!
When planing a trip to any American Girl Store in the USA make sure you give yourself at least half the day to explore and just enjoy the experience. The stores in the USA are usually very spacious and full of items you may not see on line.

The hair salon is a favorite of mine. This month they are featuring this style of the month!
It is awe inspiring to see the hairstylists in action!

The doll spa package is fun and such a treat to take your doll for. They clean up your doll, style her hair and make her look her very best and you get to take home some fun items with that service!

I know it may seem like was are dragging out Madelon's Trip from the American Girl Store to Miami but I hope it feels like it in a good way! Madelon has taken so many amazing photos that it is taking me a while to get through all the photos and do the editing. I hope you are continuing to enjoy this feature.
Thank you to Madelon for sending us so many wonderful photos of your trip to share. This store is truly amazing!
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  1. I never tire of seeing these in store posts! I never get to go to AG stores, so this is me totally living vicariously! LOL :)

    ginnie /