Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Life As Dolls Can You Guess Which One Madelon Brought Home?

There is so much to love in the Walmart My Life As line. The Dolls faces have become irresistible! Today Madelon shares photos of some dolls she just fell in love with and one she even brought home can you guess from these photos which one Madelon just had to have?
 Personally I would not have been able to choose easily! this one is so cute and the PJ's are my favorite!
Back to school never looked so good with this lovely doll and her stunning red glasses and bow!
Oh the hat is too cute on this lovely doll and the color of the dress would make it so hard to choose!
But can you guess which doll Madelon bought?

If you guessed this one you are correct! So many fun dolls to choose from in all the 18 inch doll lines and this one is truly adorable!
Thank you Madelon for sharing your new doll with us and for the fun guessing game!
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  1. That's an awesome choice... We have her and she is the star of our photo shots! she just has such magnificent skin, and if you NEED to brush her hair, be sure to do it wet!