Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hitting the books with Karen- Mary DOwning Hahn's The Doll in The Garden a Ghost Story

This week I wanted to share another ghost story book for 9-12 year olds
The Doll in the Garden A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn, is a book I have put on my wish list! A really good mystery and ghost story is just what I crave this week and I hope you will enjoy this one too!
 When Ashley discovers a turn-of-the-century doll it is just the first of several puzzling events that lead her through the hedge and into a twilight past where she meets Louise, an ailing child whose beloved doll has mysteriously disappeared.

You can find this book on The Book Depository with free worldwide shipping by Clicking here.

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  1. That sounds cool! Will have to check the library for this one.