Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Weeks To Halloween! Fun Halloween Crafts From Karen Mom of Three!

Today is week number 4 of our 9 Weeks To Halloween posts and I am sharing some of my Halloween Doll Crafts today here with you. These are Halloween Sugar Cookies I made for my dolls. You can see how to make your own by clicking here. 
Make your dolls colorful glasses from Pipe cleaners with my tutorial by clicking here
One of my favorite Halloween Posts I did for Doll Diaries was this one on how to make Angry Bird costumes for your dolls from Fun Foam. Click here for my tutorial.
Make Halloween Treats for your Dolls from items you may already have on hand with my tutorial for Doll Treats on Doll Diaries. Click here for this tutorial.
Who loves Hello Kitty? Come Check out my easy to make Hello Kitty Doll Costume from my Doll Diaries Tutorial by clicking here

I hope you have fun using some of my Halloween Craft ideas! You can find more of my Doll Crafts by clicking here and scrolling through this comprehensive listing of all my dolly crafts from around the dolly world..
I look forward to sharing more fun Halloween ideas with you next Friday!
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