Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Madelon's Trip To See The Beforever Collection...

Madelon recently went to the American Girl Store and has sent back some wonderful photos of the Beforever colletion. Above is Samantha's Christmas tea set and it is darling!
I do love that they have brought back Samantha and that the stories are now choose your own adventure!
Of the two outfits above, I really have to say I love Samantha's outfit best. I love the pink polkadots!
What little doll would not love to sleep in this bed? I wonder if it is plastic or wood....anyone know?
Here is a close up of Samantha's toys. I love the little book!
Julie's Christmas outfit.
I love the use of blue in the dresses for Addy!
I love the flowers in the basket but not sure I love this outfit!
I love the new coat and hat set!
Caroline's new dress.
Madelon and I agree this table seems a revamp from the Marie Grace and Ciecle line...thoughts?
I still love the cow best in this line,
I do love the Samantha line best, this photo shows how soft, feminine and wonderful her line is.

The store looks so pretty!
A highlight for me is seeing the ice cream parlor! What a dream that would be to own!
The attention to detail is so lovely in this set!
So tell us what your favorite part of the Beforever line is. Thank you to Madelon for sharing with us her photos from her trip!
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