Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Doll Baby Sitting Play Sets A Madelon Fun Find From Target

Madelon has let me know that Target has back in some really fun baby doll sets that work great as a dolly daycare or babysetting play set for the 18 inch dolls. Last year Brandy did some pretty amazing things on Doll Diaries for her daughters and used sets like these!
 There are so many wonderful sets to choose from and they make great gifts as well!

I love the twin set but not really the bunkbeds but I think they would work great for the 6 inch dolls and you still get very cool ride on toys and two babies with this set! 
 Another great playset for dolly outdoor play!
Keep your eyes out at your Target store for fun sets like these you can add to your dolls collection.
Thank you Madelon for these fun find Tips!
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  1. I really like these sets but I have NEVER seen them in anything other than the white dolls. Have you?

    1. No I have not but I wish they did!