Friday, May 22, 2015

Madelon's Thoughts On American Girl's New Truly Me Line!

" I went to yesterdays launch of Truly Me at American Girl not realizing that they were overhauling the modern doll line. I thought that they were going to be redressing the dolls, but I was wrong. I think that they did an excellent job. The photos I sent seemed to be emblematic of the revamp."

  "The dolls now have brand new meet outfits. You can buy accessories, a vest and even a skirt that can go over the meet outfit. The color scheme is a nice lavender and gone are the onesie look of the meet outfits of before."

  " Eyeglasses, and shoes are displayed near the new dolls as options. There is much more of the promotion of mix and match and decision-making by the shopper. It seems as if they are continuing what they started with Isabelle’s collection."

  "Not so much pink around. Truly Me is meant to inspire girls to be themselves and the positive wording on the wall reflects this."

  "The lavender and blue color scheme is soothing.
 Gone are the old packaging and displays. I was told the staff worked until 3 a.m. to put everything together."

   "The light coral and blue colors of the summer clothes are on trend with Pantone. The new things even match the photo Adirondack chairs that I shared with you before.  They coordinate with last year’s tent."

  " The store feels more cohesive. This is the new Purchase with Purchase! Love it!"

   "Three new dolls were added today. One looked like Kit without the freckles, one looked like Sonali (to me)

and one looked like Ivy or Jess."

  Great job, American Girl!

Thank you Madelon for your review and fantastic photos! Stop in to your closest American Girl Store to see what is new with Truly Me!
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