Friday, May 15, 2015

Madelon Updates An Old Ebay Purchased Outfit For Addy!

Here is a tip to make something old new again for your dolls. Madelon shares with us an outfit she has revamped very simply to make a great outfit for Addy.
"I originally bought this suit jacket and skirt for Kit a few years ago on Ebay. With the weather warming up, I wanted Addy to have a Spring school suit. I know the sleeve length is too long, but I liked the color, cut and weight of it. This was a plain suit before I added the ribbons."
 "This was easy to do I used velcro dots on the sleeves, you could use fabric fusion tape or small pins."
 Madelon picked up the ribbon she used at Target on sale a little while back, keeping her eyes out as usual for items to use in doll play Madelon picked this set up for very little money!
Madelon first cut enough ribbon for the bow, and tied it simply under Addy's neck.
Then she attached the remaining ribbon around the sleeves. Such a pretty look.
Addy is such a stunning doll and she looks wonderful in this outfit. Thank you Madelon for sharing your tips with us today.
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