Saturday, May 2, 2015

Madelon Got To See Author Valerie Trip

Today Madelon shares her recent visit to see Author Valerie Trip .
"I was lucky enough to see Valerie Tripp, author of the Felicity and Molly series at the Bethesda Literary Festival on Saturday. Since it is Felicity's birthday on Tuesday April 21 and Molly's on Wednesday April 22nd, I thought this was great timing."
"She talked with her young fans about her work and shared that she gets inspiration from her family."
 She shared about the writing process. As well as worked on writing and movement with the audience.

She encouraged us all to write about inspirations from our own lives and shared that the Halloween Story she wrote for Molly was inspired by her own life events.
You can find out more about Valerie Trip by clicking here. As well as visiting her website by clicking here.
Thank you Madelon for sharing your photos and visit with us today!
 Valerie is also the author of the Beforever Samantha series this is a set of three of her Samantha Stories click here to find out more about her recent work and order them from the Book Depository with out the cost of shipping!
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