Thursday, June 4, 2015

I Now Want A Disney Animator Doll Thanks To ElibeeCreation's Etsy Shop, Amazing Items In Store!

I have started seeing why the trend for these dolls is picking up. I have to say while at first I did not love these Disney Animator Dolls, I am now quite excited when I see designers and Etsy shops creating items to give them eve more play options! Check out this bathing suit by ElibeeCreations etsy shop This image actually makes me want to run out and buy one of these dolls! This suit is on sale for only $5 and listing can be viewed by clicking here.
ElibeesCreations also caught my eye with this Newsboy Hat and dress. Why oh Why can I not figure out crochet? Such talent! This outfit is offered at $18! Click here for listing.
By the third image I looked at in ElibeesCreations Etsy Shop I am totally convinced I must get one of these dolls. Look how cute in this summer outfit made just for her! Totally in love. You can bring this set home to your collection for $12, Click here for listing.
There are currently more then 20 items for Disney Animated Dolls now in shop and ready to ship from ElibeeCreations, this is a shop you need to check out! Click here for shop and listings.
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  1. I am now convinced too - did not think it was possible! :) They are so very cute!

  2. I have a bunch of these dolls and love them. Those are cute outfits!