Sunday, June 7, 2015

Madelon and Grace Share the 2014 Beach Set and Her Fundeco Photo Background

Today Madelon shares her  Fundeco beach background and a look back at the 2014 beach chair set

"Wanting  to try new photo backdrops, I purchased a set from the Fundeco company. There is a different photo on the back for a total of 8 scenes.
I like the tropical theme, but won't photograph doll by pink flowers again as they appear huge."
Don't you think this is a cute set!
This set sold for $48 
This is a fun set and the basket is not plastic! 
It all fits inside!
Grace is enjoying her beach day! 
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  1. HIi Can you tell me what other scenes are on that FunDeco backdrop you ordered? I've been looking for a decent and affordable backdrop. Their catalog shows the horse stables pages, and I can see your beach scene, but it doesn't explain what the other sides are!