Monday, June 15, 2015

Madelon's Photos From And A Visit To An Antique Doll Show

Today Madelon shares with us some photos from a recent trip to an antique doll show.
 "I saw this gorgeous mini room at an antique doll show."
"These little dolls were stunning to look at, I think the mini in the middle was offered for sale at $6,000!"
This was another lovely little room!
"They even had racks doll clothing for sale."
Antique Doll Shows are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Thank you Madelon for sharing these photos with us today.
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  1. The little dolls in the box look like French 'mignonettes' and can easily go for 3,000- one did on Antique Roadshow. I adore antique French fashion dolls, specifically Hurets and Jumeaux, the 12 inch sizes. You can sometimes find reproduction artists at these shows who do the dolls, I have a reproduction by Sylvia Butler. These were the first 'Barbie ' for little girls and taught them about fashion. Mignonettes were smaller, under 8 to 6 inches or smaller.