Monday, June 22, 2015

Madelon's Graduation Mini Monday Fun Find!

School Is Out This Week For Us Finally! I am so excited and thrilled to share today's post with you today. Madelon has out done her self for us again here on Mini Monday and we hope you will enjoy it!
Using Jolee's Boutique Stickers Madelon has created a wonderful play set for the mini dolls!
The body of the dress is like a real gown, but the sleeves are not attached at the armholes
I cut slits in the sleeves
these are the perfect size right down to the honors pin!
and diploma!
Thank you Madelon for this amazing fun find and play set idea! Congrats to all the graduates and happy summer to all!
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  2. That is cool! Way to re-purpose the scrap booking items.