Monday, June 1, 2015

Make Your Own Mini Doll Furniture!

If you are new to my website and a big fan of the mini dolls I have to let you know about a pattern I have had and known about for years. This PDF pattern avalible on Etsy is by Creationsbydeevee and one that I know you will love.

This pattern includes directions for how to make everything dolly needs for the perfect living room and bedroom. Including crafting bed side and table top accessories!
I believe that this pattern is the perfect summer project and for those of you like me who think 6 months ahead the perfect project to start and put away for the holidays.
To purchase your own copy for immediate down load click here this is a wise $6 investment for mini doll lovers. 
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  1. This is great! $6 plus materials and time makes a much better set than the ones in the miniatures aisle. This weekend I was AC Moore and saw a living room set with "chintz" furniture - you could see through the fabric - and it was $59 for 6 or 7 pieces. The fabric choices weren't even that pretty! This would be much better.