Friday, August 14, 2015

A Fun Event Coming Up That Everyone Can Participate In! Buy A Friend A Book Day

Today I wanted to share with a  fun event that I have participated in for three years now called Buy A friend A Book Day and this August 31st this world wide event is again on. How it works is you simply purchase a book for a friend. Simple easy and a fun way to share your love of reading.
Growing up I hated books, Yes It is true. I am a person who has Dyslexia. I have worked very hard and continue to work daily at overcoming this obsticle in my life. I was in my 20's before I could read and retain the information I read from a page of text. Now I read and write daily and am even a published author. If I was able to tell my 7 year old self this I am certain I would never have believed me but it is true.
Last year my friend Lisa purchased this book for me on Buy A Friend A book day! I was so touched!
There are so many wonderful books out there and so many different genres! For me in the beginning of my recovery from my Dyslexia symptoms Cook books were my go too for reading, then when I mastered them I was able to take on mysteries.

Some of my most favorite books to read have been the American Girl Historical Mystery Books!
    Samantha's have been my most favorite.
For buy a Friend A Book Day it can be any book you like and for anyone you like, I simply love the idea. Buy a book for someone in your life it can be  for a child, a school, a library, or your best friend and join me as we celebrate Buy A Friend A Book Day!
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  1. This is really neat! I really like reading cook books too and mysteries. :)