Friday, August 7, 2015

A Girl And Her Doll Etsy Shop, bitty Baby Halloween Costumes!

I found this on Etsy and it is too cute to share and yes I know it is not even September yet but come on a bat costume for a bitty baby I had to share! This too cute costume is offered at $13.95 from agirlandherdoll etsy shop and this one wont last long! 
I get really excited for Halloween! So I hope you will enjoy today's early post.
This Ladybug costume is over the top cute and offered at $13.95 Click here to see this listing.
Simply adorable winged outfits in this shop and the bee is as cute as the Ladybug! This costume is offered at $12 click here for shop and listing.

Also adorable is the Strawberry Costume for Bitty baby a steal at $10.95!
I think A Girl and Her Doll Etsy shop is a new favorite for me and if you have a bitty baby lover in your home, consider this shop for your Bitty Baby needs.
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