Saturday, August 1, 2015

Exciting Pattern From Rosie's Doll Clothes!

I am going to be slowly getting back to posting more each day over the next few weeks and I am so very excited about Rosie's new pattern for Cabbage Patch Kids!

I have still got my 4 original Cabbage Patch kids and I love them as much as my 18 inch American Girl Dolls. They still have that wonderful Cabbage Patch smell and I love the way it makes me feel when I see them.

Rosie's Patterns has a new 1950's themed dress pattern just released and I wanted to share in case some of you like me enjoy these lovely dolls vintage or not!
This is me on my 9th birthday with Samuel my first Cabbage Patch kid!
Click here for Rosie's Pattern Page and be sure to let me know if you love Cabbage Patch kids as much as me!

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  1. Hi Karen, my daughters had Cabbage Patch dolls. I loved them but they were never a favourite of the girls. They were into Barbie. I love making doll clothes and have started collecting American Girl Dolls and the 20 inch Australian Girl Doll. I make my own patterns but I have been buying doll shoes from Rosies.