Friday, August 21, 2015

Spotted Near Me Here In The Lower Mainland! Reader Linda P Shares Her My Life As finds!

Walmarts here in the lower mainland have started to carry more of the My Life line! I am so excited to share reader Linda's photos from a recent trip into her local Walmart near New Westminster.
"I did not see the desk but I read someone found it at a Walmart in BC so it is here...looks like they are really going to compete this year in the 18 inch lines as they are amping up their offerings. Dogs were 6.00. The sleeping bag set with sleep mask and slippers is really cute! Hats were 5.00. 2 pairs of glasses were 3.00. Ignore that 5.00 sign above snowboard as I think it was actually 10.00."
For those of you who may not know it takes us longer here in Canada to get items you can find any day in any Walmart USA location so for us this access to 18 inch doll items is huge! 
The prices are amazing here considering our Canadian dollar has fallen so far behind the American dollar so these are even more of a good deal for us!

I am so excited to see the newer releases being made available here in Canada! For me the last 5 years have been about promoting doll play and finding more 18 inch doll play items at Walmart means that putting play back into the hands of young doll lovers is easier and much more affordable.

 These dolls have very pretty faces and fun outfits. I am really excited to see these here in store and thank Linda for sharing her photo fun finds with us today!
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  1. I found the desk in a Walmart in BC. I didn't have the money to purchase it at the time, hope I see it again

  2. I found the desk, spa salon set, wheelchair set, locker, lots of dolls at Walmart Markville mall in Markham!