Thursday, August 13, 2015

More Fun With Onsies! Madelon's On A Roll!

Madelon sent these to me during the week Camp Doll Diaries did our Aquarium week and these are such a fun idea! "I bought the two onesies and bottoms as a three piece set from Walmart on sale for $5! When I learned that it was aquarium week at Camp Doll Diaries I was inspired put them to work."
"We have frogs in the tropical rainforest section at the National Aquarium in Baltimore so Grace wore the white onesie sprinkled with green frogs. To make it a shirt I cut off the bottom. I scrunched up the banded bottom leggings for a more casual look."

This makes a really great long t-shirt!
Samantha is wearing a froggy shirt too! This shirt looks great on her and would work for boy dolls, and for the Bitty twins as well!
The embroidery is well done and the quality is high as it is for a baby! Check for Preemie sizes at your local walmart to create  fun looks like these!
Thank you Madelon for sharing these with  us today!
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