Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Canadian Visit In Store With Linda P!

Great news from one of our readers! Linda P wrote in this week to share the following news and photos! 

"The price of the AG dolls has dropped on Indigo's website..$139.00 now rather than $154.00, except Lea which I think is at $149.00 and Addy is clearing at $95.00 but in store so far. All of Addy's stuff is clearing for a considerable amount of $$ off in the actual store.
The website shows some of the new prices for the dolls....but they haven't changed the beforever title page but if you go to each doll the new price is there. The truly me dolls are also at 139.00 on the website."

"There are also random outfits on clearance, Rebecca's PJ's for 19 and Julie's patchwork outfit for 29.50 and Julie's hair style stuff."

"The new releases are there as well except Wellie wishers. Thought your readers might be interested in the price reductions because the stuff on the website could be ordered from kiosks, the shoes are so cute!"

Thank you Linda for sharing your photos and info with all of us today!
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