Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog Dolly Summer School- Pets

Welcome back to Dolly Summer School today's round up tutorials for you are all about Pet's!
One of the first dolly pet crafts I ever did here on the blog is still one of my most favorites. TheNo Sew Pet Bed is fun to make! This is an easy scrap busting craft you can make an put away for the holidays, or use as a party craft, a camp craft or just a rainy day craft. Click here for the tutorial. 
If you are wanting to teach or learn to sew this is a fun craft tutorial I did for doll sized dog biscuits,  using a needle, thread and felt from the dollar store. Click here for this tutorial.

If you have fun foam at home it is really easy to make this craft foam pet bed and accessories, click here for my Doll Diaries Tutorial. 

I love cats and I had a great deal of fun making this play set for Doll Diaries a few years back click here for the tutorial. 
Visit your local dollar or craft store and you may just find these little birds that make the perfect addition to your doll pet family. I did a quick and easy doll sized bird house for Doll Diaries a while back and we think you would have fun making these for your own dolls. Click here for the tutorial.

I made this for my niece Cadence and shared the tutorial on Doll Diaries to make a yarn scratch post for your doll cats! Click here for this tutorial

I made some easy and fun pet ear accessories on Daydream Doll Boutique and my nieces still talk about hoe much fun it was to make these for their dolls pets. Click here to see how easy it is to make your own. 
Brandy created this fun accessory for her dolls dogs! Click here for the pet cone tutorial

We hope you are inspired and enjoyed the tutorials for pets in this weeks addition to Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog Summer School. These pet tutorials were so numerous we could not fit in our Horse Pet Ideas so next week we are featuring Horses! We hope you will join us. 
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  2. Love! I am going to help my daughter with the no sew pet bed for sure! Too cute! I sewed up some doggy treats too! :)

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