Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Summer and Troical Fun Finds For Your Doll, No Sew and Fun Set Ideas From Madelon!

So many fun finds for Lea this summer, Madelon has filled my in box with some wonderful ideas and ways to combine what you have with new Lea items, This baby dress is a lovely tropical look for Lea and was very inexpensive! Pairing  her tropical colored and themed items Madelon creates fun doll play sets.

"The beach blanket set came neatly in the small box shown below. Since Lea's set had a picnic basket, I added one from my collection."
Using items Madelon already had like this Batta pull over (Our Generation's parent company) Madelon has created a fun play set for a day at the beach!

Check out this little beach bag and dress Madelon found at Target!
"Lots of room in this bag for items needed at the beach! I loved the coral embroidery on this dress! The straw beach bag with coral fabric ribbon!
This dress was $7.99 and this little purse was also in the children's department at Target! Keep your eyes out for fun summer finds that you can turn into doll play items!"
Thank you Madelon for sending in these fun find items. You are so inspiring!
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  1. I've found some cute things in the Target Spotlight section. But with those bags I suggest giving them an extra stitch or glue at the handles.