Monday, June 13, 2016

Great News for H4H Doll Fans! Thank You Reader Joanne for this news!

One of my wonderful readers who is also a huge fan of Hearts for Hearts dolls has some wonderful news to share. Joanne emailed me yesterday to let me know!

"I have some very good news! The Hearts For Hearts Dolls will be relaunched by a new company this year!"

"It is said there that Nahji, Dell, Consuelo, and Rahel will be the first ones rereleased. Out of these four, the only one I do not have yet is Rahel. I am curious as to when will they release Tipi, Lilian, and the other dolls. Because my Lilian and Tipi both have purple eyes and the other dolls that I need to finish my collection aside from Rahel are Lauryce, Mosi, Shola, Surjan, and Nyesha. I really wanna give Lauryce and Mosi to my sister for Christmas this year.
Apart from that, I am also wondering if the new company will release any NEW DOLLS!"

These lovely little dolls are truly delightful and I am so glad like Joanne that they are coming back, I can not help but wonder if they are making a comeback because of the new release of the smaller  Wellie Wisher dolls who are likely similar in size! 
Thank you Joanne for this news and please keep us posted! 


  1. I am so excited! My daughter and I love these dolls. I hope they will be of the same quality and same lovely, sweet faces.

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