Friday, June 17, 2016

Maplelea Strong And Free! Great Looks For Your Dolls!

Now is the perfect time to order your Maplelea Girl and Doll outfits for Canada Day! Every year my family goes to our local Canada Day parade and we have so much fun in our red and white! I love that each year I am seeing more and more girls with their dolls, in the parade and along the parade route.
I think Maplelea has a wonderful selection of Canada themed items for girls and their dolls and I love the Strong and Free outfit! (Girl sized Sweet Shirt sold separately) 
This set comes with the hoodie, hairband, pants and shoes! 
Can I just tell you how much I love the shoes!!!! Really wished these were in my size!
I am getting very excited for our summer break which starts in just two weeks and the Canada Day Celebrations!
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  1. Its too bad you didn't promote this a couple of weeks ago. Maplelea had a promotion going for these outfits. Buy one and Maplelea would donate to the Fort McMurray fires. I bought the track suit as I already had the other.

    1. I did promote it and shared it on social media, I am very proud of Maplelea for their efforts to help Canadians!