Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Reads... Sewing Clothes for Barbie & I CAN MAKE

I am so excited for the new release of Sewing Clothes for Barbie! This book has 24 outfits for Barbies and is on top of my wish list! You can adapt the patterns to the sizes of all the Barbie's as well! This book just came out last week as well. I can not wait to see what you make with yours I am ordering mine right now! 

I have wanted this book called I CAN MAKE DOLLS CLOTHES for a while now and it is currently offered on The Book Depository Website and on Sale! I loved Barbies growing up and I love that now you can find Barbies in all shapes and sizes. Learning to sew Barbie clothes was something I always wanted as a child and I was constantly stealing J-Cloths from my mom so I could make no sew doll clothes for my dolls. As a grown up this is the type of book I wish I had as a child. You can find it on sale now at The Book Depository with free shipping worldwide by clicking here. 
This book teaches children of 7+ how to make fashionably cool mix-and-match clothes for a standard 30 cm (12 in) plastic doll. Its approach is simple, quick and fun, and the results are extremely stylish. At the beginning of the book, children are encouraged to be creative and adapt the patterns to make their own designs. The main section of the book includes patterns for nine garments, each with an actual-size pattern on the page to use as a template, along with super-clear instructions and illustrations of each step. Helpful tips and inspirational photographs of the dolls modelling the finished clothes run throughout the book, and a section at the back sets out the basics of sewing, including how to thread a needle, do a running stitch and sew on poppers and buttons.

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