Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Madelon's Terrific Fun Finds!

Big box stores, dollar stores and party stores are the best places to find items you can repurpose into doll items for doll play and today Madelon shares some recent finds that you may want to look out for.
How cute are these mini Valentine puzzles at Walmart-six for 98 cents -"I like you a bot" is perfect for Luciana.
This $1.98 iron-on patch is great for a Luciana-inspired shirt
4 skateboards for 98 cents for the mini dolls
Perfect for the Olympics and showing football sports spirit-10 foam fingers for $1.84
These mini Valentine shovels are perfect for the doll beach 10 for $1.84
Walmart has some cute valentines with mini items appropriate for dolls -10 sports erasers, including a football for $1.84

As always Madelon we are so grateful to you for all you do to share your passion for doll play with all of us.
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