Monday, January 22, 2018

Karen's Adventures back to Barbie!

Well I held off in sharing the new barbies with my youngest Niece 4 days. But the reaction I got was well worth it!
#thatfirstbarbiefeeling there is magic in that first doll of your own. Capturing that feeling was worth every penny. She was over the moon with the pool and throughout the afternoon I brought out each of the 5 Barbies I had bought at the dollar store for her. It was better than Christmas.
All in all the pool exceeded my expectations too, it was very easy to put together, had easy to access play options and made this Auntie and little one very happy!
A great journey back to that Barbie Feeling I had growing up. 
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  1. I love to share special gifts with little ones at a time other than Christmas or birthdays -- you know, at a time when they aren't distracted by a lot of other stuff. It makes the gift more meaningful and the experience of giving more rewarding.