Thursday, January 11, 2018

Learn to Sew Perfect tights for your dolls!

Sewing is so much fun and so rewarding. I am self taught (other than the 4 week  high school intro class I took)  and when I started sewing doll clothing 8 years ago I was afraid of sewing stretchy fabric. But once I got the hang of it it was my favorite fabric to work with. One thing I wish I had back then was a pattern kit like this one from Tea Time Fabric Panels. This kit is priced under $10 and you have everything you need (minus scissors and your threaded sewing machine) to create the perfect pair of doll tights!
Doll tights are an essential to wardrobes of doll lovers as you can dress them up or down and they add so much dimension to outfits!
Have dolly wear them under a dress, skirt or with a long tunic top and you have a great outfit for Valentines day!
Click here for Tea Time Fabric Panels Etsy shop and listing. 
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  1. I love to look at the Tea Time fabric panels, but have not allowed myself the luxury of ordering. I'm not saying I would never order one, but for the price, I can make a lot of doll clothes that are more unique.