Tuesday, April 24, 2018

News about American Girl

Maybe you have heard already the sad news for more than 100 people working for American Girl in Wisconsin. Madelon sent me a link to an article that you can read by clicking here. They will be closing the distribution facility and that is not a great sign not just for the workers but doll lovers as well.

I have been writing about dolls and doll play now for almost 8 years and I have seen the trends come and go, but these dolls have proven that they have had staying power. This turn of events maybe a sign of more downsizing to come though I hope that is not the case.

As a customer, doll enthusiast, mother and aunt these dolls and their company have enhanced our lives tremendously. We will continue to report on the Dolly World News as we here it. Thank you Madelon for forwarding the article to us.

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  1. Sad news! One wonders what happens next .... Will American Girl Dolls be gone? Will the quality deteriorate?