Monday, April 30, 2018

The Search for Dentist Barbie, rescued by

My niece PB has spent some time at the dentist in the last few weeks having landed on her face at Easter Dinner and knocking lose her front tooth. At almost 4 she is one of the biggest Barbie fans I know and she made it very clear that she wants Dentist Barbie. Once we looked on line I could not believe how cute the Barbie Dentist Sets of today are! I went to walmart but could not find one so my search locally was on but I could not find it anywhere. I only have a few weeks before I need to get this for her birthday so I was thrilled to find that as I am truly stuck I can get it on fairly easily! If you are like me and want to bring this set home click here. (I am not an amazon affiliate) 
So looks like Aunty will be able to fulfill her promise after all!
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