Monday, April 16, 2018

Toy Traders Barbie Adventure.

Yesterday my family and I headed to one of our most favorite toy stores in a place called Langley BC. The store is Called Toy Traders and they have a huge store that sells both new and used toys, vintage and hard to find items. It is always an adventure back in time and so much fun.

I headed to the Barbie section first, in the second hand part of the store. I quickly found one of my favorites from the 1980's and had a hard time resisting purchasing her. I am not a collector that does boxed toys, I prefer instead to play with them. So it was hard not to want to rescue this one. The ruffles on the skirt and the stand, I can remember how it felt and the hours I played with this particular Barbie. It was fun to see her again.
In the newer section of the story they had some wonderful Barbies! This one is a new release of an old favorite. I still remember the tv adds for her!
I think this is a very stunning Barbie! 
The selection was wide on many of these Barbies but this one caught my eye! I have always wanted to make my hair look like hers! Too much curl in mine.
I love the new Ken's and the Fashionistas line.
I was also thrilled to see these outfits from the Life in the Dream House Show. If my nieces were with me I think we would have left with these. 
Behind glass they have some wonderful vintage finds a Sindy still in package, some collector Elvis Barbies and James dean, as well as the Mcdonalds drive through window and other odds and ends from the 80's and 90's Barbie era. I really had fun looking at these pieces and tried not to bring anything home with me. 
If you ever get a chance to visit Langley BC, check out Toy Traders. It will wow you!
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