Monday, October 20, 2014

Madelon Says Use These Fun Finds and Combine What You Have For Last Minute Doll Costumes

Madelon reminds us today that often for last minute Halloween Costumes you can look in your doll play collection and often come up with some fun ideas.
Madelon thought about using some dolly dance costumes as a Halloween costume idea.
 Pair your costume with a dolly sized treat bag or pumpkin and you have a ready made Halloween Costume!

Madelon found some other great dolly sized Halloween wears at her local Target, 6 of these little pots for $1 is a really great find and these can be used year round!
"Walmart made this My Life As outfit just right for a Halloween costume! The shiny material reminds me of traditional flame retardant fabric." Says Madelon! I love the color!
Madelon bought this baby sized Pumpkin Ballerina Ball Gown and found it is a wonderful dolly costume! Target often has great sales on baby items that you can re-purpose for your dolls! 
Use hair items as accessories for your dolls!

The ruff of the clown costume works great on this horse!
Keep your eyes out for fun outfit you can use as Halloween Costumes just like Madelon has! Thank you Madelon for all these fun photos and ideas .
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  1. Always looking for doll clothing ideas. I need boy ideas. I have two boys to dress for Trick or Treat. Any suggestions other than football players?

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