Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 New Years Resolutions

Yesterday I held my self accountable for the 14 resolutions I made last year and today I will make the 15 resolutions for 2015, so below are my 15 for 2015!

1) Figure out how to do a very simple Crochet project and some how use it in a doll play craft.
As I did not figure out Crochet again last year it goes back on the list for 2015.

2) Knit a Simple Doll Hat. As I did not do this last year I am going to put it on this years list as well.

3) Sew all 22 projects in the book SEW IN STYLE by Erin Hentzel, that was sent to me to review best part is I am three projects in!

4) Create and Publish an Elf on the Shelf Sewing Pattern and release it for FREE

5) Write More Snail Mail Letters! So if you want some dolly mail this year do send me an email with your snail mail address. I can not promise to write everyone but I will attempt to write as many as you as my budget allows! email

6) Write and review 100  Doll Themed Etsy shops.

7) Travel to at least one American Girl Store That I have never been too.

8) Have at least one give away per month on my blog

9) Grow My Facebook Fan page to 1000, it is currently at  619 So join me if you can by clicking here

10)  Get at least 2 people to commit too and follow through on an Advent Swap and a Hanukkah Swap for their dolls.

11) Read at least one American Girl Mystery book

12) Sew a Halloween Costume for one of my dolls

13) Sew a Boy Doll Related outfit

14) Have a new professional photo with the dolls taken

15) Try A Ceramic Project from My Dream Project would be the Mardi Gras Childs Tea set! photo above!

Well those are my 15 for 2015 check back and see how I did next December!
As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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