Monday, December 22, 2014

Reader's Holiday Doll House Photos To Share!

 Today I wanted to share with you some of the fun photos my readers have sent in of their doll houses. Jean Sent me the most amazing photos from her doll house last year and I have been waiting to share them with you!
Jean makes each room so special. I am so in awe of her attention to detail!
Her bonus room is a dog salon that is all ready for the holidays too!
Jean knows how to make me smile! Loved her doll house don't you?
Reader Judith sent these photos  to me in May. "When I bought the doll house, it was blank wooden doll house, so I had to polish it slightly up before I could paint it."

"For the floors I took some clear coating, to make it look like shiny parquet. I've painted them twice.
I've painted the ceilings and walls with white paint for walls (we use to call it latex in The Netherlands). I choose nice wallpapers in bright colours and used wallpaper-glue to put it on the walls. More simple is it to use double-sided tape. To measure it, I took small pieces of paper to easily spread them on the walls (as the doll house laid down on the back, so the walls were horizontal instead of vertical). I used simple tape to put the pieces together and used that piece of paper to draw it on the real wallpaper. Don't forget to draw it on the white side of the wallpaper and do it in mirrored signs.
I've painted some of the furniture twice with clear coating, the rest twice with white primer (some pieces in pink). I did exact the same with the stairs and the kitchen and the complete exterior. After that I used enamel/gloss paint. I bought some small pieces of artificial grass with flowers for the balcony and the terrace. For the bathroom and the kitchen I bought table cover (oil cloth) with cubes pattern, because linoleum would have been to thick."
 Fran and Carolyn sent in their dolls Christmas scene! Look at all the dolly stockings!
Such a labor of love! I love it thank you all for sending it in!
 Send me your dolly holiday photos and they may just make it into a post holiday post!
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  1. Thank you for sharing! I always like to see other doll lovers rooms!

  2. I love these! Thanks for sharing! Great work everyone!

  3. I love them all! Their soooooooo cute!


  4. Enjoyed seeing, thanks for sharing!