Saturday, December 20, 2014

A New Doll Line Just Before The New Year! Please Welcome Fashion Friends Dolls!

I am thrilled to be one of the first doll bloggers to share with you a new line of dolls from Fashion Friends. These Fashion Friends Dolls! There are 7 of these fashion friendly tween dolls to love!
Fashion Friend Dolls are recommended for ages 4-8 but their sweet faces make me thing doll lovers of all ages will want to bring these dolls home to their collections and doll families.
I have picked my favorite! These dolls have sweet names to go with their faces! My favorite has to be Maggie Mod! Check out her stunning eyes and print dress!

But Fashion Friends Club Dolls has a special offer through their Facebook Promotion for my readers! SAVE $30 off the cost of these stunning dolls by emailing mention Karen Mom of Three and Fashion friends Club will  invoice you with the discount applied through Paypal.

Each doll comes with the  "Fashion Friends -- Dreams" is an introductory book which introduces readers to each of the 7 friends and follows them along with their dream of what they want to be when they grow up. 
 These lovely dolls have accessories and outfits you are going to love. I love the rain coats don't you?
I know many of you are already wondering about the size and measurements of these 16 inch dolls so here you go!

These dolls have a height of  16"; Chest 7-1/2", Waist 7-1/4" Hips 8-1/2" 
Find out more by clicking over to their Facebook Page by Clicking here. Remember to tell them I sent you!
I look forward to learning more about these dolls in the coming year and sharing more about them with you.
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  1. I picked my favorites. Pattie, Liz, and Maggie. Super cute. I like the background story of each girl.

  2. Holy Crow! It's my friend Velvet! They all looks just like her!

    *From Julie's doll mom:*

    OMG! I had to go get my Velvet doll from my toyroom to make sure I wasn't seeing things! This is the EXACT same face and body mold as the Ideal Velvet doll. I wonder if they got a patent or bought the molds from the defunct company. Since I can get the Velvet friends from Etsy or Ebay cheaper, I don't think I'll be getting these dolls. But I may get some of the outfits, (when they preduce more of them, and not so much pink!) I like Maddie Mod too!