Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Wonderful Free Knit Pattern For The 14 inch Dolls From Jacknitts Etsy Shop On Ravlery!

A Holiday Treat for all of us from Jacknitss Etsy Shop. Designer Jacqueline has published  a free knit pattern for the 14 inch dolls that is so stunning! Get your needles out ladies you are going to want to start right away!
For this free pattern visit Ravelry by clicking here. Join if you have not before it is free and an amazing resource! CLICK HERE FOR THE PATTERN
Click here to visit Jacknits Etsy Shop and see all of her amazing patterns offered in her Etsy shop for dolls of all sizes.

Thank you to Jacqueline for creating a wonderful free pattern for all of us 14 inch doll lovers!
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  1. Hi Karen. Who is the doll in the second picture? She is adorable.

  2. Hi Aileen it is a Les Cheries Doll. http://us.corolle.com/