Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Check Out These Play Sets From The Artist's Tree House Etsy Shop

Inventive and creative play sets for your dolls are some of my favorite things to find on line and today here is an Etsy shop I have been watching for some time. I really enjoyed looking through this shop and thought you may as well. The Artists Tree House Etsy shop has some truly amazing recreated play sets for dolls.
So many wonderful to scale details are included in all of these play sets!
Items for dolls large and small are found in this shop with items and  play sets starting at $3.99-$129.99 you should come and take a look!
It is hard not to pick a favorite in this shop!
Check out The Artist's Tree House by clicking here.
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  1. Those are really nice - thank you for the links.

  2. What kind of doll are they using for a model? She's pretty.

  3. The name escapes me at the moment I will check and get back to you when I recall anyone else have any idea? I think its an Adora doll....thoughts?

    1. Not sure. Maybe an older one; the eyes don't look like any of the current 18" Adora dolls.