Friday, March 13, 2015

Sew In Style Project # 7 Complete...With An Unexpected Obsticle!

If you are self taught at anything you know things are not always as easy as they look  and you will make mistakes as you go. You will feel frustrated and you will want to give up and throw your machine through the window at times, kind of like how I feel right now.

Let me start off by saying there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PATTERN OR TUTORIAL. There is however a problem with the material's I chose to make the dress straps with and that is why  I struggled as much as I did. USE A HIGH QUALITY Ribbon not the dollar store kind I used that frayed and when I tried to sew it ripped right off the dress!!!

The dress was salvageable in the end but I will have to remake it if I ever wanted to make one for someones dolls. I would have liked purple straps but the yellow worked out okay.
I still love this book and am thrilled with the results even with the set back of my operator error.  I am looking forward to ribbon shopping soon so I can try this dress again!
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