Saturday, March 7, 2015

Madelon's Journey Girl Outfit and Review, Do Any of You have this outfit?

Today Madelon shares with us an outfit she got last year at Toys R Us for her Joureny Girl.
This white top features a Burgundy embellished Rosette detail.
 with black jeans. A great outfit but....
The back of the pants reveals not a perfect fit actually quite a bit of room
We are wondering if any of you have the same outfit and if you found your pants to be an odd fit too?
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  1. I have never seen that outfit. It's cute. Some of the newer Journey Girls (after the Paris line) have a little more stuffing in them, giving them a getter bottom. That could be why the jeans are loose, but I doubt it. Some of the stiff jeans and pants that I have are the same way. It's a bummer that something specifically made for the Journey Girls by Toys R Us doesn't fit better. Thanks for the review!!!