Monday, May 2, 2016

Make Madelon's Version of Lea's Picnic Set!

Today I am excited to share what Madelon has been up too! While I have been busy with the birthday week Madelon has been immersing herself in all things AG! Coming up with this fun and easy way to make your own Lea's Picnic Set.
Using items she already had and a great vinyl mat that she got at Bed Bath and Beyond for $2.99, she added only an edging of tape to create a great picnic blanket for her dolls!
She used the mats natural edge and simply folded the tape over to create a great finished blanket!
She added a fun take away journal she got at the AG event she recently attended (more on that later this week) and some items from her other play sets. The drinks and fruit are from an Our Generation Play Set and all she needs to find next is a little basket and she has created a really great and easy play set for pennies!
Thank you Madelon for sharing this fun and easy craft idea with us today! Still with my birthday brain on I think this would be a great craft to do at a Lea themed party!
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  1. Great job Madelon! I love it when we can save money and be creative!

  2. You know Madelon, I was thinking you could use plastic canvas to make the basket and that way you could use different colored yarn or floss to make the design.