Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Neon Fantastic No Sew Fun Finds! Madelon's Hawaiian Inspired Look!

I love the colors that spring and summer bring us, I especially love the neon colors (I was growing up in the 1980's) Today Madelon shares a baby dress and a girls necklace she bought that double as dolly summer fashions!
The dress is actually a 6 month baby size and it's lacy bottom ruffle creates a great Hawaiian look for her dolls. 

This very inexpensive children's necklace is a wonderful accessory for her doll as well! A fantastic fun find. Thank you Madelon for showing us this outfit you put together for your dolls. We love no sew fashions and your style!
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  1. How cute ! I'll look around for something like this. My Kanali would love it !
    - Galactic Universe

  2. This set goes together really well! But then again, I usually enjoy Madelon's amazing doll finds ^_^! Thanks so much.