Saturday, May 21, 2016

Maplelea Helping Families Of Fort McMurray

"This trusted charitable organization has a long history of providing funding and relief to children and families in Canadian communities and across the world. In addition to providing essential materials and supplies for families with babies and young children affected by the fires, Save the Children is operating multiple Child Friendly Spaces in Edmonton. These spaces provide a sense of normalcy and community, when everything familiar has been disrupted and potentially lost. You can learn more about their efforts in Alberta at"

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  1. It is so devastating what has happened in Fort McMurray! We live three hours south of Calgary, so we aren't in any danger, but our community has been donating relentlessly to this cause. I can't believe that the fires are still burning. It's just brutal! Those poor firefighters are just exhausted, and there is no relief! I am so glad to see one of my favourite doll companies giving back to help all of the children and families of Fort McMurray. Go Maplelea!

    ginnie /