Monday, May 23, 2016

My Life As Fun Items Now In Store

It is really the luck of the draw as to what you get in your My Life As Section at Walmart, Madelon has found some really great items going from Walmart To Walmart and finds that the selection really varies. Keep your eyes out for some of these great items to add to your collections!
Even with Summer right around the corner, outfits for year round are sure to be a hit, and you can mix and match easily!
PJ's to Ballet Suits these affordable fun finds are going to please doll lovers of all ages.
Dance outfits also work as casual wear!
such fun colors in this collection
be sure to grab a few hats these are perfect for spring and summer, you can also dress them up!
Thank you Madelon for sending in these fun finds for us to look for!
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  1. I really enjoy the MyLifeAs brand. Their little purses and shoes are adorable! And their outfits are very affordable. I found this adorable romper that I thought really resembled Lea's style!