Friday, May 6, 2016

The Book Depository Has Doll Tees, Stamps & Stencils On Sale Now!

I was so excited to see this book on sale at The Book Depository. The Book Depository if you do not know offers FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITS ITEMS ALL THE TIME. For Canadians like myself, this is a huge relief. With our current Canadian Dollar being worth less then the US dollar shopping on line may make you think twice when you factor the shipping costs but you don't have to worry with The Book Depository.
Fashion design takes a super-fun direction with this clever kit, filled with unique ideas for creating adorable tees and tanks for your doll! Discover really neat techniques for making fun patterns and shapes using only paint and stencils. And follow step-by-step instructions for making stamps from household items, too. Then, use your newly created stamps to make even more designs! Kit includes: 1 short-sleeved doll-sized T-shirt, 1 doll-sized tank top, 5 stencil sheets, design templates, and a 32-page how-to book.
Doll Tees Stamps & Stencils is the perfect party gift to give a doll lover. This craft set comes with a tank top and t-shirt for your dolls to create a fun look for their dolls. Currently this book is priced at $26.21 Canadian, $20.93 US.  (Currently on line at Indigo this book is more then $30 on sale!!!!!)
Click here to learn more about The Book Depository and this Book!
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