Sunday, May 8, 2016

Only 9 Days Left! Come Support The Boy Story Kick Starter!

Boy Story the Kick Starter 18 inch Action Doll has just 9 days left on Kick Starter they are only $3000 shy of their goal!

Boy Story, finally a cool boy doll for all kids. We teach our kids diversity. Our world is diverse. But the toy market has failed to embrace inclusion and diversity. Boy Story adds boys into the missing equation, so our children see dolls just like them - boys and girls - in the toy aisles.
Boy Story brings Action Dolls to the world: 18" boy dolls with adjustable ball-joints to join the action and fun with all the girl dolls out there. Action Dolls are cool. Action Dolls encourage pretend play and imagination. Action Dolls are for all kids. Action Dolls are just plain FUN.


  1. Thanks for sharing ! I am definitely going to share this with all my friends, and I hope we can help. In this day and age, gender just doesn't matter. I've been waiting for years for a dolls that encourages both boys and girls to play with dolls. Gender shouldn't stop anyone from playing with dolls !
    ~ Thalia

  2. They're beautiful! Wish this project all the luck.