Monday, May 15, 2017

A Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny of The Rita Pita Boutique Shop...

Big kids off to school, on the big yellow baby snatcher?...Check!  Double stroller loaded into the van?...Double check!  Natty and Logee (Lauren) strapped in the van?...Triple check!  Don't you just love a great rainy Monday morning, struggling in the Kohl's parking lot, as you exchange words with a stroller that is not as easy to open as the company claims?  So now, that I've officially broke a sweat exercising with this baby contraption in the parking lot, we've made it into the store.  I peel back a banana for Natty and hand Lauren a little dolly so she can teethe on the leg.  I settle up with the coupons, one on my phone, a mailer, and one really good one I've been saving.  Excited, I love coupons!  I locate a simple coral and cream striped top for Natty's second birthday party this weekend, and then, of course, sneak over to the American Girl Doll section.  Still loaded with Tenney and Logan.  Super cute dolls, made the original way, except the packaging.  However, that made me think of "Z", now she has the sewn on panties, which has everyone in an uproar. 

Photo courtesy of Madelon

 I can't say that I care too much either way, as long as the quality is still there, but I've read that it is lacking.  Oh great, Natty hands me ¼ section, of the middle of her banana, and asks me to put it in my pocket.  Instead, she gently places it on Lauren's leg and Lauren, as babies do, kicks her legs out, the banana rolls on the tile and I roll over the banana.  Clean up - in the American Girl Doll section.  After many" aww how sweet they are", "you have your hands full", "oh, I thought they we're going to be twins"," I thought I had it bad!"  and I replied - "yes they are sweet", "I have three more in school", "they are 16 months apart", "nope, I guess I win", we head to the cash out.  I am able to use only one of the three coupons, the other expired and the really good one was for JC Penney's, whoops!

                So happy Kaitlyn left me with something to do when I got home!  I'm sure I could think of nothing else that needed to be done in a house of seven.  She put Lea downstairs, so I could fix her hair, when the babies went down for their afternoon naps.  Easy fix, she did two simple low braids.  When she took the braids out of the doll's hair it was left a smidge wavy. Just mist the wavy section with water and gently brush the hair using a wire brush, it may take several attempts, depending how long the braids were in the doll's hair.  If it is a doll like Molly or Kaya that come with braids be patient, over time, the waves will lessen.
                So now that the afternoon has quieted down, I can relax, by relax I mean prep dinner, vacuum, do laundry (3 loads), clean a bathroom, and empty the dishwasher.  Happy Monday...

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  1. We had that high chair!

    I once had 3 under age 5, 2 in diapers and we decided to go to Paris. It was awesome. I might know where all the playgrounds are in Paris. I certainly know where the best ones were. (Mind you, we flew from Philadelphia and everyone was sick for some part of the week but that trip is one of our favorite collection of family stories).

  2. Looks like a great day! Any day that brings joy is a good one!