Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Tea Time Fabric Panels Success Story!

Today I am pleased to share with you my completed Tea Time Fabric Panel Purple Basket Quilt and Nightie Set. I will be absolutely honest and tell you it has been over 9 months since I last sewed anything! So I was very worried about even pulling out and dusting off the sewing machine since our move. I am however thrilled to tell you that it is like riding a bike and once I got the machine set up it was smooth sailing.
Once I ironed and cut it out it went together really easy like a puzzle.
I think that my niece is going to love how easy this is to get on her dolly!
I am at best a craft sewer, and I am an impatient one at that. I liked how easy and quick this kit was to make. The only thing I needed was my machine, thread and scissors!
If you are thinking of trying out one of these kits like I did you can find Tea Time Fabric Panels on Etsy by clicking here.
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