Thursday, May 11, 2017

Take A Look At This Kit From Tea Time Fabric Panels Etsy Shop!

Today I wanted to share this lovely pink and grey Carousel Dress you can make from Tea Time Fabric Panel's Kit!
This dress is stunning!

This kit comes with everything you need to make the dress and the bag! Don't you love these carousel horses?
Click here to learn more about this Carousel Dress Kit and all the wonderful fabric panel sewing kits offered in Tea Time Fabric Panel Etsy shop .  
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  1. Do you think a person could take one of these Tea time Fabric Panel kits and use it for a base for dresses using other material? I really like this style. The design, pattern, and colors are lovely.

    1. HI Xyra, I checked with Lynn from Tea Time Fabric Panels and she says "Yes is the answer. They should press the fabric, going up and down with the grain, so nothing stretches. Then either trace the printed pattern pieces or cut the pieces out from the fabric panel and copy them on a copier.

      If they plan to use the pattern several times, I would staple or paste the paper pattern pieces to a heavier oaktag, poster paper or thin cardboard. Or just make a few copies of each pattern piece."

    2. Thank you for checking and passing along the information! :-) These instructions are great.